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Type: Clothing - Garment
Object Name: Wrapper
Local Name: adire
Place Made: Africa: West Africa, Nigeria, Oyo State, Ibadan
People: Yoruba
Period: Mid to late 20th century
Date: c 1970
Dimensions: L 177 cm x W 164 cm
Materials: Cotton; indigo dye
Techniques: Plain woven; stencil resist dyed; machine-sewn
ID Number: T00.42.13
Credit: Gift of Michael and Mary Mason

The Yoruba people of Nigeria make indigo resist-dyed cotton cloths called adire, which are worn by women as wraparound dresses. The maker of this cloth cuts a design from a sheet of zinc, lays it on a cloth and applies a starch paste. Several dips in a bath of indigo dye turn the cloth dark blue. When the paste is removed, the covered areas emerge as a lighter pattern against the darker background.