Sleeve Band

sleeve band

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Type: Clothing - Garment
Object Name: Sleeve Band
Place Made: Asia: East Asia, China
People: Han
Period: Mid 19th century
Date: 1850 - 1870
Dimensions: L 55.2 cm x W 23.5 cm
Materials: Silk; silk floss
Techniques: Satin; embroidered
ID Number: T00.51.12
Credit: Gift of Helen Jahnke in honour of J. Fyle Edberg and Paul Foote courtesy of the Council for Canadian-American Relations/American Friends of Canada

There are a hundred boys with vivid faces embroidered on this pair of sleeve bands for a woman’s robe. The boys in the centre are conducting a Chinese New Year’s parade. At the front of the parade, two boys carry red banners with black characters proclaiming the traditional slogans of Chinese New Year celebrations. Above them, a dragon is flying and chasing a flaming Pearl of Wisdom that one boy carries on a stick.

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