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Type: Clothing - Garment
Object Name: Robe
Local Name: boubou
Place Made: Africa: West Africa, Nigeria?
People: Tuareg
Period: Late 20th century
Date: c 1976
Dimensions: L 295 cm x W 152 cm
Materials: Cotton; indigo dye
Techniques: Dyed; burnished; embroidered
ID Number: T94.3009
Credit: From the Opekar / Webster Collection

The northern Nigerian technique of constructing robes and veils from narrow strips is based on a Saharan tradition. Saharan traders use wheels of cotton strips, called dindi or wendi, as a form of currency, and to a degree this robe is also a form of currency. The indigo dye that saturates the robe adds to its value because it stains the wearer’s skin a deep blue.

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