Double Bag

double bag

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Type: For Animals
Object Name: Double Bag
Place Made: Asia: Central Asia, Afghanistan, Northern Afghanistan
People: Kazakh
Period: Mid 20th century
Date: 1950 - 1960
Dimensions: L 80 cm x W 38 cm
Materials: Wool; metal
Techniques: Weft-faced; braided
ID Number: T02.44.26
Credit: Gift of Max Allen

This bag was placed directly on a horse’s back and used to hold the rider’s personal belongings. It doesn’t have the long slit that typically appears to attach to a saddle pommel, as the Kazakh often ride without saddles. The bag was woven in interlocking tapestry, a favourite technique of the Kazakh used to produce large rugs and saddle and storage bags. When weaving in this technique, the wefts of adjacent colours turn back alternately around the same warp, which is then shared between two colour areas. This technique produces a thick and sturdy fabric.