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Type: For Windows, Doors and Walls
Object Name: Hanging
Local Name: chaklo
Place Made: Asia: South Asia, India, Western India, Kathiawar
People: Mochi
Period: Early 20th century
Date: 1900 - 1920
Dimensions: L 65 cm x W 67 cm
Materials: Silk
Techniques: Plain woven; embroidered
ID Number: T04.24.101
Credit: From the Fitzgerald Collection

Towards the end of the 19th century, some Mochi families went to Kathiawar (a peninsula across the Gulf of Kutch from Bhuj) to work for Kathi landowners. Their influence on local embroidery is seen in this hybrid style in which close herringbone stitch replaces the traditional Mochi chain-stitch filling. Chakla were used by brides to wrap dowry articles and later, to hang in their new homes. Mirrors are also a Kathi favourite, not found in Bhuj Mochi embroidery.