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Type: Clothing - Garment
Object Name: Shawl
Place Made: Africa: North Africa, Algeria, Kabylie region
People: Berber
Period: Late 19th to early 20th century
Date: 1890 - 1930
Dimensions: L 238 cm x W 143 cm
Materials: Wool
Techniques: Weft-faced; interlocking tapestry woven; supplementary weft; fringed
ID Number: T83.0004
Credit: Gift of Dita Vadron

The Kabyle Berbers of the Kabylie region of northern Algeria wove fine women’s shawls using the interlocking-tapestry technique. The shawls were woven very densely from the finest sheep wool. The undecorated, white central field, combined with asymmetrical border patterns, resulted in a dynamic composition unique to weavings from this area. Kabylie weavers used henna to achieve sepia tones, indigo for blue and cochineal for pinkish-red. Much of Algeria’s rich textile tradition has been lost in the 20th century.