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Object Name: Rug
Place Made: Asia: West Asia, Iran, Eastern Iran, Khorasan, Meshed
Period: Late 20th to early 21st century
Date: 1980 - 2007
Dimensions: L 143 cm x W 85 cm
Materials: Wool
Techniques: Knotted pile; plain woven; weft-float; fringed
ID Number: T2008.1.16
Credit: Gift of Max Allen

Ahmad Shah Massoud (1953-2001) was a Kabul University engineering student turned military leader, and he played a major role in driving the Soviet army from Afghanistan. Massoud was an ethnic Tajik who was widely respected throughout Afghanistan. He was killed in Afghanistan by two “journalists” – actually Saudi nationals working with al-Qaeda – just two days before the September 11th attacks in the United States. The first line of writing on the rug says: Glad tidings of freedom, 22 Aqrab 1380 (2001). The date in the emblem at the top of the rug is 2000. The second line of writing says: The Cultural Forum. The third line says: Massoud’s land, presumably referring to Afghanistan. And the fourth line is a telephone number in Mashad: 98-511-823754. In the lower left corner, the text says: Always with Massoud. Long Live Afghanistan. This rug, and several similar ones, are said to have been made by a rug-weaving family in Mashad, which is Iran’s second largest city, near the border with Afghanistan.