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Object Name: Rug
Place Made: Asia: Central Asia, Afghanistan
Period: Early 21st century
Date: 2001 - 2007
Dimensions: L 138 cm x W 86 cm
Materials: Wool
Techniques: Knotted pile; plain woven; interlocking tapestry woven; fringed
ID Number: T2008.1.41
Credit: Gift of Max Allen

Afghanistan’s constitution was drafted by a committee appointed in October 2002. This rug shows the drafting committee sitting around a table on which the main elements of the constitution are laid out. Behind them is a blue map of Afghanistan. The image was taken from a political education poster describing the process. The constitution was formalized in January 2004. It establishes a presidential system with Islam acknowledged as the "sacred religion" and immutably protected. Pashtu and Farsi (also called Dari) are the official languages of The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan with Turkmen and Uzbek acknowledged as official languages in areas where they are spoken by a majority. Shia law is applicable in personal matters wherever both parties are followers of the Shia sect. The new parliament consists of the lower House of the People and the upper House of the Elders. The constitution allocates two Vice Presidents to balance the power of the President.