Camel Flank Decoration

camel flank decoration

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Type: For Ceremony and Ritual
Object Name: Camel Flank Decoration
Local Name: asmalyk
Place Made: Asia: Central Asia, Afghanistan, Northern Afghanistan
People: Ersari Turkmen
Period: Early to mid 20th century
Date: 1900 - 1940
Dimensions: L 70 cm x W 164 cm
Materials: Wool
Techniques: Knotted pile
ID Number: T85.0413
Credit: Gift of Margaret Opekar

Turkmen weavers produced special pentagonal rugs to decorate the camel that carried the bride during the wedding ceremony. The rugs were fastened together with braids, and an embroidered tent for the bride was placed between them on the camel’s hump. The task of making the points of the pentagon (in a combination of plain and pile weaving) required special skill and experience on the part of the weaver. This rug is extraordinarily even in its shape and perfect in its weaving.