Wall Hanging

wall hanging

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Type: For Windows, Doors and Walls
Object Name: Wall Hanging
Place Made: Asia: Central Asia, Uzbekistan, Southern Uzbekistan
People: Lakai Uzbek
Period: Late 19th to early 20th century
Date: 1880 - 1920
Dimensions: L 60 cm x W 66 cm
Materials: Wool; silk; cotton
Techniques: Plain woven; embroidered; printed; hand-sewn
ID Number: T85.0424
Credit: Anonymous gift

Bag-shaped wall hangings are widely used as household decorations by Asian nomads who are recently settled. When the nomads lived in yurts they used bags to store their belongings, but now that they live in houses, the hangings serve as reminders of a cherished past and as symbols of their ethnic identity. The wall hangings of the semi-nomadic Uzbek of Central Asia and Afghanistan are the finest examples of this phenomenon. The Uzbek typically use wool embroidery on a fine-wool ground and an intricate net finishing with elaborately wrapped tassels.