Wedding Dress

wedding dress

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Type: For Ceremony and Ritual
Object Name: Wedding Dress
Local Name: jumlo
Place Made: Asia: South Asia, Pakistan, Northwest Frontier Province
Period: Mid 20th century
Date: 1950 - 1960
Dimensions: L 89 cm x W 173 cm
Materials: Cotton; metal; plastic button; glass bead; lead bead
Techniques: Plain woven; embroidered; hand-sewn
ID Number: T87.0144
Credit: Anonymous gift

The jumlo was one of the most lavishly embroidered and embellished garments in South Asia, and worn by Muslim women in remote Indus Kohistan. The dress’s skirt was formed of triangular gussets – some examples have as many as 600. The jumlo, worn with full trousers and an embroidered shawl, was often embellished with coins, buttons, even key chains and old zippers. In the 1970s, ready-made Pakistani clothing began to replace jumlo.