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Type: Clothing - Headwear
Object Name: Hat
Place Made: South America: Western South America, Peru
Period: Mid 20th century
Date: 1960 - 1980
Dimensions: L 41 cm x W 50 cm x 50 cm in diameter
Materials: Wool
Techniques: Knitted; braided
ID Number: T87.0346
Credit: Gift of Romilda Farnan

Men’s knitted hats are worn in many communities in the highlands of southern Peru and Bolivia. Usually pointed at the top, and often with earflaps, they are produced in a variety of multicoloured patterns, which vary from one community to another. The more elaborate examples are beaded or decorated with additional embellishments such as tassels or buttons. Both men and women knit using fine needles, in some cases bicycle spokes, to produce a fine gauge. Knitting was introduced to South America by the Spanish, but the uncommon technique of cross-knit looping is indigenous to Peru. Here, a single needle is used to form a looped fabric, which resembles knitting.