Funerary Mask

funerary mask

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Type: For Ceremony and Ritual
Object Name: Funerary Mask
Local Name: ya-ko-ko-su-ti-ro
Place Made: South America: Eastern South America, Brazil, Upper Rio Negro
People: Tukano
Period: Mid to late 20th century
Date: 1940 - 1980
Dimensions: L 73 cm x 150 cm circumference
Materials: Bark; pieced
Techniques: Pounded; painted
ID Number: T90.0124
Credit: Anonymous gift

During dramatic mourning ceremonies (called óyne, or weeping) for the recently dead, Tucano men wear body masks to represent the denizens of the spirit world. They dance, sing and mime animal or spirit behaviour. At the end of the ceremony, mourners burn the bark-cloth masks to drive away the soul of the deceased.