Wall hanging

wall hanging

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Type d'artefact : Pour les fenêtres, les portes et les murs
Nom d'artefact : Wall hanging
Endroit de fabrication : Asia: South East Asia, Indonesia, Java, Jawa Tengah
Période : Late 19th to early 20th century
Date : c 1900
Dimensions : L 132 cm x W 71 cm
Matériaux : Cotton
Techniques : Batik; resist dyed; dyed; block printed; printed
Numéro d'identification : T94.0591
Credit : From the Opekar / Webster Collection

Indonesians, especially the Javanese, are regarded as the world’s foremost practitioners of batik – a resist-patterning technique. Hot wax is painted or stamped on cloth, which is then dipped in vats of dye. The wax blocks the dye from the patterned areas, and subsequent applications create the multi-coloured cloth.